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Zadro University (ZU) Safaris are concise, practical, easy to digest training sessions that are available on-demand for your convenience. Upskill quickly in an engaging and relevant way.

A ZU Safari is a targeted integrated communications training program to equip professionals with the skills needed to survive in the wild terrains of the business world.

A ZU Safari will give you a well-rounded understanding of the specific marketing communications topic you choose and how it can significantly impact your business.

A ZU Safari is a mix of theoretical and practical training that doesn’t take three years or cost the earth. We want to fill the gap in the integrated training market and upskill people quickly in an engaging and relevant way.

A ZU Safari is distilled from the minds of professionals who traverse the marketing wilderness daily and know the landscape like the back of their hand.

Each ZU Safari is on-demand so you can learn when it’s convenient for you, with a workbook to ensure you make the most of the Safari, plus gain access to live Q&A sessions with the Zadro team.

Why should I go on Safari?

ZU Safaris are an engaging and relevant way to upskill quickly and with each ZU Safari you will:

Our Safaris:

We have highly detailed, engaging on-demand ZU Safaris covering the following topics:



Conquer Public Speaking

We know public speaking is a key skill in the development of one’s career, reputation and credibility. Discover how you can find your public speaking voice.



Client and Project Management

Designed for those who want to achieve great results and make life easier. This Safari will equip you with the necessary knowledge, skills and strategies.



Public Relations Explained

What is PR? How does it work? When and how do you use it to its potential? What does PR success look like? This course will answer these questions and more.



Digital Marketing Unravelled

Great for those asking: What digital channels will deliver my messages to my audiences? How do I use the channels, develop content and measure success?



Strategic Marketing and Communications

Perfect to understand what marketing and communications can deliver, the foundation of a communications plan and tips to implement straight away.



Crisis Communications. Plan to Survive

A crisis can impact your brand, reputation and even business survival. Find out how a crisis communications plan can mean the difference between a blip and disaster.
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I want to go on Safari! What do I do next?

That’s great, your ZU Safari is only a few clicks away!

Add the Safaris you wish to purchase to your cart using the ADD TO CART buttons above, you will then be prompted to register or login as part of the checkout process.

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I am interested but I have some questions…

Not a problem! Check out our FAQs.

Or email the Zadro team your questions and one of the ZU Tour Guides will get back to you within 2 business days.

CLICK HERE to email us.

Let us help you get on Safari

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Do you need someone to sign-off or approve your Safari?

That’s not a problem! We’ve put together a page of information that will help you get approval. CLICK HERE to download the form that you can take to your boss.