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Zadro University (ZU) Excursions are much like a ZU Safari, however shorter and sharper.

Concise, practical, easy to digest, each ZU Excursion will give you a good understanding of the specific marketing communications topic you choose.

Each ZU Excursion is distilled from the minds of professionals who traverse the marketing wilderness daily and know the landscape like the back of their hand.

Upskill quickly in an engaging and relevant way and each ZU Excursion is on-demand so you can learn when it’s convenient for you.

Why should I go on an Excursion?

ZU Excursions are an engaging and relevant way to upskill quickly and with each ZU Excursion you will:

Our Excursions:

We have highly engaging on-demand ZU Excursions covering the following topics:



Building Business Reputation

A brand is what you say about yourself. Your reputation is what others say about you. There are a lot of things to consider when managing your reputation; discover the top seven lessons for businesses looking to manage their most important asset.



Award Writing for Results

Winning an award can have a significant impact on your business; attracting recognition and new business – however the key to determining if you make the cut is how you compose your award submission, how you tell your story.



Communicating your Association’s Value to Members

One of the greatest challenges all Associations face is how to communicate the value of what they offer to members and stakeholders to drive engagement. Understand and translate the value you provide to your members and stakeholders.



Working with Creatives

We work with all types of people and personalities in our working life and working with creatives is different. Your role is to interpret what the client or management want, and brief design clearly on the vision so they can bring it to life.
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I want to go on an Excursion! What do I do next?

That’s great, your ZU Excursion is only a few clicks away!

Add the Excursions you wish to purchase to your cart using the ADD TO CART buttons above, you will then be prompted to register or login as part of the checkout process.

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I am interested but I have some questions…

Not a problem! Check out our FAQs.

Or email the Zadro team your questions and one of the ZU Tour Guides will get back to you within 2 business days.

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Let us help you get on an Excusion

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