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All About ZU

Ensure you and your team have the right skills for today’s business landscape. Zadro University (ZU) provides quality short courses and training online, to upskill in a range of marketing topics.

ZU has been designed to provide sharp, practical, value-packed on-demand training and resources for the savvy marketing and communications professional. It is also suitable for those overseeing marketing as part of their larger role such as Sales, Operations and General Managers, to build their understanding of communications.

And, just like any good tour operator, we have options to suit everyone – come on Safari, go on an Excursion or download our Freebies.

ZU Safari

ZU Safaris are concise, practical, easy to digest training sessions that are available on-demand for your convenience. Upskill quickly in an engaging and relevant way, plus access a workbook and live Q&A sessions with the Zadro team.

ZU Excursion

A ZU Excursion is much like a ZU Safari, however shorter and sharper and will give you a good understanding of the specific marketing communications topic you choose. Each ZU Excursion is on-demand so you can learn when it’s convenient for you.


The right tools, resources and templates can make your work life easier, more productive and more strategic and so when you create a ZU login, you can access all the Freebies for your use.

Tailored Tours

If you need a team to upskill, have a new strategy to roll-out, or new challenges to face, a Tailored Safari could be for you.

We will design the content around your team’s needs, include case studies relevant to you and answer all your burning questions. Includes hybrid options, workbooks, recording of the sessions, timings that suit you, all your questions answered and individual certificates.

Tour Guides

Your tour guides – the Zadro team – are passionate about sharing their knowledge and giving individuals and businesses the know-how to survive in the business wilds.

We draw on years of experience traversing the wild terrains of communications to share with you valuable, practical insights and tools.

ZU Partners and Affiliates

Here’s an idea we think is a win-win.

Just like cross-pollination in the wild, we’ve designed Partner and Affiliate programs to enable your network (staff, members, associates, clients, collective or tribe) to access ZU training on demand at a discount, and with exclusive value-adds.

In return, we’ll ask you to help spread the word about our content through your network and be rewarded for it.

Don't just take our word for it

Here’s what some previous Safari attendees have said:

“This Safari enabled us to stop, learn, discuss and take inspiration from the presentation to implement in our own business.

As we are now planning our communications ahead of time, the team now have a framework and the fundamentals to consider each of our member segments and how we communicate across various channels to improve engagement and relevance.”

“There was so much useful and relevant info provided that I feel will be a great tool to refer back to for years to come.”

“This course was very clear, precise and informative, great content and useful ideas and tips. I gained tools on how to approach and look at my work differently, thank you.”

“Thank you so much for your time creating this Safari. It was so informative and gave me a lot more understanding of what marketing needs from me as a project manager to get the content they need.”

“The Client and Project Management Safari has empowered our team to elevate our services to our customers/clients and enable us to streamline our workflows.”

“A big thank you for the course. The team really enjoyed the Safari and they started putting their training into action the very next day! It was a valuable refresher/reminder for me as well. We are all keen to build and maintain momentum with our learnings.”

Lori Bautista
, Team Leader Client Services, City of Canterbury Bankstown

“I just wanted to thank you for such a fabulous course. I found the content extremely relevant and helpful. I have definitely walked away with additional knowledge that I can apply to my day-to-day role.”

“The ZU training was excellent – delivered professionally, wide-ranging, relevant and with lots of handy hints and resources. It reinforced the need for everyone who works in marketing communications to invest in skilling-up.  The pace of change is so fast, it’s too easy to fall behind.”

“I run an Association with very limited resources so we have to do most things in-house. The ZU course was a great way for our team to top-up our knowledge and skills in marketing communications. ZU’s package of content was pitch perfect and gave my team the valuable tools to stay across the transformation occurring in the way we communicate and engage our communities.”

Joyce DiMascio
, former Chief Executive, EEAA

“Thanks again for the fantastic Safari on Communication and Marketing. Looking forward to doing another Safari or Excursion in the future.”

ZU Trophy Wall

EEAA Award logo

ZU won the EEAA 2018 AWARDS FOR EXCELLENCE for Best New Product or Service

“ZU is a training program for marketing and communication professionals. ZU’s programs, known as safaris, combine a mix of theoretical and practical training to upskill people quickly in an engaging relevant way in strategic communications, marketing, PR and social marketing.”

“The Judges praised Zadro’s commitment to knowledge sharing and building tools that allow others to succeed with more practical skills and competency in marketing communications.”