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Zadro Communications is committed to working with our colleagues in the Associations and Charity sector to build capacity, community, strength and help them achieve their goals. Our passion is to help organisations communicate, professionalise and efficiently deliver services, information, advocacy and education. We bridge the space between the commercial and ‘third sector’ and are able to share expertise, knowledge and innovations both ways.

Read about some of the innovative projects we have worked on in the Association and Charity sector:

Finding a Rewarding Career in Community Care Services

The Commonwealth Home and Community Care (HACC) Program and the Community Care Support Program have workforces that are rich with diverse knowledge, skills, experiences and backgrounds. These workforces support older people, young people with a disability, their families and carers. Amongst many assets workers bring to the sector are bicultural and bilingual knowledge and experiences.

Zadro developed a comprehensive resource, as the outcome from a series of surveys and focus groups, to motivate and support people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds to enter and remain in the community care services sector.

The resource was commissioned by Ageing, Disability and Home Care (ADHC) Family and Community Services NSW and is an outcome from the Bilingual Workers Research Project conducted by the Multicultural Access Projects across the Hunter and Central Coast in 2010. The Central Coast Disability Network managed the project.

Read Finding a Rewarding Career in Community Care Services

Enriching HACC Services: The Report (funded by DADHC)

How do you recruit, retain and manage volunteers from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds into community health services? We took a cavalier approach, interviewed people outside the Home and Community Care network, asked questions on change management, the cross fertilisation of ideas and leadership and wrote recommendations built on reaching out and promotion strategies.

Read Enriching HACC Services: The Kit, co-written by Felicity Zadro and Caroline Romeo

Enriching HACC Services: The Training (funded by DADHC)

How do you turn 10 community service workers into leaders of change, development and cultural competence? We took the executive coaching model common to business leaders and transformed it for the community services. One powerful day and then six months of one on one coaching has delivered exceptional results.

REMIND: Presentation Training (Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW)

What is the best way to stop the deliberating stigma associated with mental illness in its tracks? By having people who live with a mental illness and their carers tell their story in a professional and compelling way. We provide professional public speaking training to mental health consumers and carers so they can tell their story powerfully to the world.

NSW Multicultural Communication

How do you communicate important health messages to diverse communities in 12 different languages? With clever wordsmiths and insightful design. We work with NSW Multicultural Communication to promote strong messages, celebrate the successes and bring equity of health outcomes to all.

Cultural Competency in Disability Services

What do people living with disabilities and who come from diverse backgrounds need from health and community workers? We dived in to run focus groups with interpreters to really get to the bottom of what is needed. We delivered the insightful, experienced and passionate voice of people with disabilities to inform policy, direction and service provision.

Towards Cultural Competence (MDAA)

A framework for human service organisations and a guide to engage consumers in the process.

The publication aims to provide human service agencies with a framework to guide them in improving their ability to respond more fully and holistically to the diversity in our communities. Much of the writing on cultural competence has failed to take into account the impact that changes in individual and organisational cultural competencies have on the users of services. Measures to identify whether the introduction of cultural competence frameworks or plans have made any noticeable impact on service users have typically been set as too difficult and have not been developed. The consumer evaluation guide developed by Zadro offers the first practical guide to ensure that consumers are able to reflect and provide feedback on an agency’s progress towards cultural competence.

For a copy of the guide, please contact the Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association of NSW (MDAA).

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