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Launching a New Product or Service

Show and tell with a twist

Have you channelled your great idea into a new business and are ready to unveil it to the world? Have you developed a new product or service and it’s ready to take to market?

Zadro can ease the stress of launching a new product or service by working with you to uncover your unique business or product story; determining who and what need it serves and devising a strategy to communicate it to the world.

In such a competitive and crowded market, Zadro’s combination of services across marketing, PR, digital and design work together to take care of all aspects of the launch for you. Our personalised approach ensures that we work with you every step of the way to create a competitive sustainable presence in your markets.

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Implementing Change

Helping a zebra change its stripes?

They say a leopard can’t change its spots; nor can a zebra change its stripes, yet organisational beasts must change to maintain competitiveness and operational effectiveness.

Organisational change takes many forms from a restructure to a major takeover or the shift to a new operational system. The ability to manage change, whether minor or major is a required function in any organisation.

Zadro’s personalised strategic approach to change management is designed to help you navigate the change through clear, appropriate and open communication.

We take the time to understand who you are and the reasons for change, your stakeholder community and design a program that will:

  • respect a stakeholder’s needs
  • inform, educate and clearly communicate the change
  • garner buy-in from all
  • determine messages relating to the impact of the change
  • take the audience on a journey to reach the end goal

If you’re facing a change challenge and not sure where to take the first step, Zadro can help you devise a roadmap to achieve effective and successful change.

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Brand Management

There’s more to a brand than just a logo

Do you have a strong brand name but lack recognition? Does your logo represent your values?

There’s a common misconception that a shiny new logo is all you need to establish a new brand. Whilst a strong logo is a key tool in creating brand recognition, it is not all the armour you need to make your mark.

Zadro can work with you to create a brand with a powerful presence in your industry. We will work with you to establish your business goals and values; which organisations you will align your business to. We will design your tone and create a logo mark to capture all that is your business.

Zadro will guide you on how to weave your brand personality throughout all you do from your customer’s first encounter with your business through to advertisements and press releases to proposals and much more.

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Lead Generation

If we build it they will come

Have you built the team to deliver exceptional customer experiences but still waiting for the customers to arrive?

Zadro’s team are experienced in creating successful and measurable lead generation strategies. We will work with you and your team to start the conversations that matter; the conversations that translate into profitable business.

We will collaborate with you to ascertain where your business is now and what you need to do to generate the required flow of leads. This may include a website, a strategic digital campaign or a targeted direct marketing campaign. We will design a strategy that is built to create a measurable stream of communications with your current and prospective customers.

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Client Relationships

The more the merrier

Building strong and effective relationships with clients ensures that you will share in their success and they in yours – building a mutually beneficial relationship.

All relationships take time and dedication to establish and maintain. Zadro will work with you to create a program of client engagement activities; from educational sessions to networking events, creating unique money can’t buy experiences to illustrate the importance you place on them.

An approach to building client relationships works to create a strong bond and a level of trust between your business and your client, an invaluable component of a long and successful relationship.

Let Zadro help you devise a program of client engagement activity to ensure your client relationships are more meaningful and beneficial than they are today.

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Promotion / Campaign

Loudest doesn’t always win the prize

About to start the roll out of a campaign and don’t actually know where to start? Campaigns don’t always need to be spread on every billboard or across the sky by a skywriter.

The important thing to do first is to take a step back and ask, what do I want to achieve? Once you have a clear picture of where you want the campaign to lead and what you want it to deliver, Zadro will sit with you to design a creative campaign that will hit your market and achieve your objectives.

We will take a strategic and integrated approach to the roll out of the campaign to ensure we reach your target market at every touch point possible, create a conversation, establishing an interactive network of people talking about you and your business not just you talking at them.

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Growth of Business

Does size matter to you

Depending on your business or where you are at in your lifecycle, size really may matter. Are you about to go through a program of growth? Do you want to enter new markets, new business tiers or include a new addition?

A clearly outlined growth strategy takes time but is a must to create a sustainable and profitable growth. Zadro is skilled in partnering with our clients to create strategies that springboard them into new markets, attract new clients or roll out a brand new arm of their business.

We will collaborate with you to devise a creative yet effective strategy and work with you to implement it. We will create check points to ensure we keep a constant eye on the success of the strategy and tweak where required to achieve the desired results.

Business growth is a really exciting time, let Zadro create a plan that will inspire, motivate and inform not only your team but your clients on your growth path.

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Reputation Management

What is everyone else saying about YOU?

What others are saying about you is one of the most powerful marketing tools a business can have. Do you operate in a highly competitive environment or would you like to ensure your business is remembered positively? Zadro will devise a strategic and integrated program of activity to create and deliver the right message every time.

Managing your business reputation deserves the same attention you would give to your own personal reputation. In a digitally consumed global environment, negativity can quickly spread, so being prepared is the greatest power you can hold to resolve it.

We will work with you to understand the issue first and second, develop a plan to address it delivering the factually correct and positive message each time.

The first and most important action – don’t wait for someone else to address it for you.

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Culture Management

Culture is the blood running through an organisation’s veins

Managing a culture in today’s dynamic environment takes a creative and strategic plan. After all, your team are your walking, talking brand ambassadors and your culture is reflected in their work and how they interact with your customers.

A positive culture can be empowering for your team and create a greater level of motivation, enthusiasm and ultimately job satisfaction. It is important to identify the positive aspects of your culture and nurture this.

Zadro will work with you to design and purposefully implement a plan to instil and manage the culture you want within your business to ensure it thrives from within. A motivated and satisfied team are a productive one.

Through a strategic program of internal communications and the creative use of digital tools your culture can become the cornerstone of your marketing and communications program.

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In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!