Case Study

The Multicultural Network Rebrand

Design, Marketing
& Strategic Communications

  • Raise awareness of The Multicultural Network and ensure stakeholders know them for their work in advocating for access and equality for multicultural communities
  • Raise profile in the wider community of the Multicultural Network’s work and impact, particularly in the South West Sydney region
  • Cement The Multicultural Network as an invaluable and consistently reliable resource during a time of significant change in the aged and disability sector
  • Develop and facilitate an extensive brand review of the organisation
  • Develop clear organisational values and communications objectives for the organisation
  • Develop a new brand that is inclusive, values diversity and is simple to understand by people from non-English speaking backgrounds
  • Produce all other relevant communication templates eg: business cards, brochures, document covers etc
  • The brand review saw the development of a new brand and the implementation of a name change from BAMN (Bankstown Area Multicultural Network). The new name needed to be an evolution from the previous one, to maintain the loyalty, credibility and reputation associated with previous brand.The Multicultural Network Inc launched in May 2015, along with their new website,, the development of which was managed by Zadro

In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!