Case Study

National Credit Providers Association (NCPA)

Public Relations, Design, Digital
& Strategic Communications

Small Loans BIG NEED

  • To educate media, government and influencers on the facts about the small amount consumer lending industry and Small Amount Credit Contracts (SACCs)
  • To build awareness for NCPA and their members
  • To reposition the small amount loans industry, to explain/translate the legislation and dispel the myth about ‘pay day loans’
  • To secure media coverage for NCPA, SACCs and the small amount consumer lending industry
  • To motivate media to pro-actively ask NCPA for comment
  • Zadro created a powerful integrated communications strategy to influence government, The Review Committee, members and the media: the Small Loans BIG NEED Campaign
  • The communications plan was to utilise three main channels: online campaign portal, government relations and media relations
Strategy (continued):
  • Zadro created a digital marketing asset in for NCPA to translate and communicate the campaign key messages. New research data was utilised in strong interactive visuals across three main pages: Small amount loans explained, myths and facts of small amount loans and a media and government relations information centre
  • Zadro scripted, designed and produced a 3 minute kinetic video to educate the audience of government, media and the general public. The video story and journey educates the audience on the number of working Australians that are excluded from bank credit in Australia and the need for this highly regulated government product (SACCs)
  • Zadro created a visual collateral piece for Small Loans BIG NEED to translate the 10,000 word legislation into a clear, simple and easy to understand information pack, dispelling the myths about the incorrectly labelled pay day loans industry
  • Key media influencers, journalists and producers were identified in financial, credit and government sectors and targeted specifically for media relations. Following any identification of small loans in the news, Zadro created a personalised response on behalf of NCPA
  • A fully integrated and branded campaign delivered across marketing, government and media channels
  • Key Government Ministers and The Review Committee understanding the facts about SACC loans and that pay day loans no longer exist
  • Repositioned the NCPA brand and the industry to government and media

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