Case Study

IMC Communications

Strategic Communications, Marketing, Design and Public Relations


IMC Communications planned to sell the business. They engaged Zadro to help them to raise their profile, internally and externally, prior to sale through integrated strategic communications, rebranding, and restructuring the operation and management of the company.

  • Complete the rebrand, design a new website, and a new management and operations structure
  • Re-design the management operations structure instigating monthly meetings responsibilities and an aligned vision for the business
  • Roll out of a complete program of internal communications that directly impacted employee engagement for the better
  • The new structure realised a marked increase in sales in the years following the roll out of the new brand for the business
  • The success of the program of strategic marketing communications readied the business for the sale of the business, with Ricoh Australia purchasing IMC Communications in October 2012
  • Raised the profile and improving the credibility of IMC Communications via a strategic Public Relations campaign

In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!