Case Study

Hotel Career Expo Interactive Document


  • Provide an element of interactivity at the Hotel Career Expo (HCE).
  • Provide a method of delivering a lot of information about the professional career opportunities and pathways available within the hotel industry in a succinct and interesting way.
  • Translate ‘hotel speak’ into layman’s terms.
  • Zadro developed an interactive PDF outlining six various career disciplines within the hotel industry.
  • The interactive PDF was designed to be used on touchscreens throughout the HCE.
  • Development included liaising with hotel advisors to fine tune information for accuracy.
  • Zadro designed the document for longevity, with the intention for it to be able to be further developed and used as an educational tool by the hotels and education institutions.
  • 6 touchscreens were installed at the HCE and were in constant use throughout the day with HCE attendees exploring the interactive PDF content.
  • The interactive PDF has since been added to the HCE website as an educational tool and a source of information.
  • Due to the popularity of this feature at the HCE, Zadro will re-use it, with further development, it for the 2017 event.
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