Case Study

Dockside Group

Public Relations, Marketing and Design

Public Relations

  • Secure media coverage to lift the profile of the business, the staff and its business/wedding venues
  • Build hype surrounding the launch of the new Dockside Pavilion Darling Harbour
  • Secure media coverage announcing Dockside Group’s catering contract with Sydney Exhibition Centre @ Glebe Island
  • Secure media coverage of innovations and award wins by Dockside Group
  • Manage an ongoing public relations campaign with distribution of 25 media releases over 14 months
  • Manage journalist enquiries and build relationships between media and Dockside Group
  • A total of 197 pieces of media coverage secured
  • Advertising value derived – $591,000.00
  • PR value derived – $1,773,000.00

Marketing and Design

  • Rebrand Dockside Group and launch the new brand to the industry and consumer segments
  • Design branding elements and collateral reflective of the company, its history, values and mission
  • Design a brand which could ensure consistency across the whole business and allow for future changes
  • Manage the creative branding process and design pieces of engaging collateral
  • Prepare Dockside Group to launch the new brand with branded collateral including water bottles, unique brochure packages, media kits and bags at a tradeshow
  • Designed a suite of branded items including stationery, advertising, unique brochures, sales kits, proposals, e-newsletters, media kits, merchandise, website banners and event branding for all business segments including business events, weddings, catering, special occasions and school formals
  • Launched the Dockside Group brand and suite of collateral at AIME in February 2014 with tradeshow stand and press conference

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