Case Study


Strategic Communications, Internal Communications

  • BOC were implementing a new technology solution to manage and maintain their product inventory
  • Zadro’s goal was to engage the stakeholders in the technology roll out and to create a conversation with the stakeholders, building and improving relationships with third party agents
  • Design, develop and implement a stakeholder communications campaign for the implementation of the technology across Australia and New Zealand
  • Lead a focus group and design training materials to educate the network on the benefits of the new technology
  • Develop a program of communications to engage and build confidence in the new technology and the BOC Gas business
  • The pre-emptive communications program resulted in a smooth transition to the new operating system with minimal interruptions
  • Strategic development and delivery of a complete stakeholder communications campaign, Boomerang resulted in improved stakeholder engagement and a smooth transition to the new operating system
  • Development of stakeholder engagement program beyond Boomerang designed to continue to build a strengthened relationship

In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!