Our Team


Felicity Zadro

Founder and Managing Director

A passionate and energetic communicator by nature, Felicity believes the key to business communications success is a strategic integrated approach, great culture and leadership. Felicity is inspired by supporting the growth and development of companies through excellent communications – the foundation of Zadro.

Backstory: Felicity originally studied journalism and social sciences and worked in research and community-based organisations. She then went on to obtain a Masters in Communications Management. Felicity saw a need to bring integrated marketing communications to businesses and founded Zadro in 2007.

What you didn’t know: Felicity completed a thesis on The Role of Metaphor in Managing Culture which resulted in winning the CARMA Asia Pacific Region Public Relations Award for Academic Excellence in 2005.


Debbie Bradley

Group Account Director

Debbie is a savvy PR and communications professional, and an integral member of the Zadro team. She assists organisations to achieve their communications objectives through her expertise in PR strategy, planning, digital strategy and marketing.

Backstory: With a BA (Hons) in Marketing, Debbie is a confident and highly motivated PR and communications specialist, who has worked in the industry for 15 years. She is experienced in both B2B and B2C, her achievements encompass a range of sectors including pharma, FMCG, corporate events, transport, IT and pet care.

What you didn’t know: Debbie was born and bred in Leeds in the UK and is a passionate lifelong supporter of Leeds United Football Club. During her travels she made the famous Yellowtail Wine at Casella winery and was once an aspiring drummer.


Elizabeth Williams

Group Account Director

Elizabeth is a former agency owner and current Group Account Director at Zadro. With 17 years of experience in senior roles she’s experienced in holding ultimate accountability for multi-million dollar campaigns in B2B and B2C.
As Group Account Director, she ensures all accounts / campaigns and projects under her stewardship are fiercely managed, organized, effective and compelling.

Backstory: Elizabeth comes from a background in Experiential and Activations, but her skills span a broad spectrum of below, and through-the-line techniques including full message research and offer design, collateral & POS, consumer and trade promotions, DM, shopper marketing and strategic communications.

What you didn’t know: As a perpetual student, Elizabeth is currently undertaking a PHD which explores how to find a sale in the most unlikely environments. She also secretly loves Karaoke.


Sammy Dalglish

Group Account Director

Sammy is a former TV producer and owner of her own TV production company, with 18 years integrated marketing communications experience. She is currently Group Account Director at Zadro.

Backstory: Sammy is an energetic, strategic thinker with a passion for creating strong brands and marketing communications that enhance the overall customer experience, evoke customer loyalty and shareholder value. Her B2B2C experience spans across a wide range of industries; FMCG, Government, Health and Fitness, IT & Technology, Media, Not-for-Profit, Pharmaceutical, Property, Retail and Telecommunications. Sammy loves to uncover business needs and objectives, craft appropriate strategies, and implement solutions to help achieve business goals and ROI.

What you didn’t know: Sammy has a passion for learning and studying; everything from marketing and business studies, to psychotherapy, nutrition, remedial massage, reflexology, fitness, even hypnotherapy.


Veronica Robertson

Project Director

Veronica brings over 15 years of experience in corporate and small business environments. As a marketing specialist, she uses her corporate background to provide smaller businesses and not-for-profit organisations with the know-how to stand out from the crowd and pack a big punch.

Backstory: With early dreams of becoming a journalist, Veronica studied Communications at UTS before realising that she belonged in the business world where she could combine her commercial, strategic side with her creative abilities as a wordsmith to develop a career in marketing. Now she enjoys staying across the latest developments in marketing techniques and communications channels and how these can be uniquely applied for each client she works with.

What you didn’t know: Veronica once embarked on a four-day trek through the Himalayas, trekking to an altitude of 5,000 metres above sea level. After doing that, she believes she can literally do anything


Marlise Beasley

Senior Account Manager

Enthusiastic about providing superior client service. Marlise is part of the Zadro team leading media campaigns and developing and driving effective strategic communications plans and initiatives.

Backstory: A strong history in agency account management servicing high profile clients across different industries including QSR and FMCG. Experienced in end-to-end management of consumer promotions, in-store activations, POS, product development and digital.

What you didn’t know: Passionate about health and fitness, Marlise has taken to the stage to compete in Figure in bodybuilding, taking home 11 medals, including 4 Gold!


Mellanie Wulf

Creative Lead

Mellanie has a distinct artistic ability, ensuring the consistent delivery of innovative design concepts which exceed client expectations. With a decade of experience, Mellanie brings a wealth of knowledge to the discipline of design and enjoys working closely with the Zadro team, adopting an integrated approach to projects.

Backstory: Mellanie studied communications design and previously worked for two of the largest full service agencies in North Queensland. She’s had experience working with both corporate and consumers brands with a special focus on brand identity.

What you didn’t know: Mellanie’s favourite pantone colour is 313C – or more commonly known as teal.


Elle Stewart

Account Manager

Elle’s valuable contributions ensure clients remain top priority at Zadro by assisting Account Managers in their communication strategy roles. She has a strong digital marketing focus and thrives on working across traditional and digital mediums.

Background: Zadro welcomed Elle to the team in December 2009 in a vocational intern position, and she was offered a role as the team’s Communications Assistant in February 2010. After three years of working in the UK in marketing and PR roles, Elle returned to the Zadro team in early 2014.

What you didn’t know: Elle’s favourite holiday destination is Sal in Cape Verde off the coast of Senegal.


Emma Brown

Account Manager

An experienced PR and marketing professional, Emma brings passion and drive to communications, implementing strategic plans for a wide range of clients. With a strong public relations background, Emma has a good eye for a story and understands how to create maximum visibility to help clients meet their communications objectives.

Background: Originally from the UK, Emma spent five years working in London gaining extensive experience in PR and marketing before moving to Sydney. Bringing a creative flair to content creation, Emma has also produced photoshoots and short brand films, working in-house and agency side across fashion, sport, travel and lifestyle..

What you didn’t know: Emma recently developed a huge passion for Skiing, taking a few months out before moving to Sydney to fulfil the ski season dream in the French Alps


Jessica McLean

Account Coordinator

Jessica has an extensive background in customer service and joined our team in January 2016 after a successful internship. Her knowledge of journalism, linguistics and customer service gives Jessica a unique opportunity to support the Zadro team across many areas.

Backstory: Jessica joined us through our internship program, she has several degrees in Journalism and English – having worked across various areas of PR and marketing, Jessica has proven to be advantageous for the Zadro team.

What you didn’t know: Jessica is an avid reader, she enjoys all books from science fiction to autobiographies. She is also a secret gamer and loves to explore the unlimited online worlds.


Jenny Speis

Finance & Administration Manager

With more than 20 years of accounting experience, Jenny’s financial knowledge and skills ensure Zadro is managed accordingly and clients are looked after.

Backstory: Having worked within marketing and creative agencies previously, Jenny’s knowledge of the industry, combined with her dedication, make her a valuable asset to the Zadro team.

What you didn’t know: Jenny loves to do kickboxing for exercise – and it’s not a bad stress release too!


Caroline Hill

HR and Recruitment

Caroline ensures the team is supported from a human resource perspective, keeping Zadro up to date with the latest contracts and policies. With an in-depth understanding of the company culture, Caroline also handles the recruitment, always finding the most compatible and competent staff.

Backstory: Having originally worked for a telecommunications company in a generalist HR role, Caroline then moved into remuneration consultancy work and has enjoyed various roles partnering with small businesses to meet their HR and recruitment needs.

What you didn’t know: Caroline loves to make and decorate cakes! Her favourite to date was a space rocket with stars which she made for her twin boys.

Our Interns

We have a terrific intern program at Zadro that supports up and coming communication and marketing graduates experience the real day to day life of a busy agency.

Backstory: We have had young people from all over the world intern with Zadro. From Indonesia to Germany, and all over Australia, we have welcomed smart, ambitious and eager people into our team. Our interns carry out research, observe in real client meetings, attend events and everything in between.

What you didn’t know: We believe in supporting the next generation of industry professionals. We have employed several of our team members from our internship program. We carry out the same recruitment processes for our interns as we do our permanent staff, and they are expertly managed by Jessica McLean.

In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!