Why blog?

When using any form of digital or social media it is imperative that you have a strategic plan for that tool. If there is no plan, how do you measure the success or failure of that communication method?

Measuring the return on investment of digital or social media is a fairly conflicted area so our advice is: outline your goals and objectives that you specifically want to achieve with this tool. Having these goals in place allows you to measure if the time spent on these tools is worthwhile.

A blog should be an active, leveraged and successful marketing and communications tool.

Zadro Communications developed the following except for strategic plan as part of a larger marketing and communications plan.

If you need help developing your marketing and communication plan, Zadro Communications can tailor a plan to your specific industry and overall online no prescription business objectives.

Excerpt from [Company A] Strategic Plan:
Goal: Company A’s blog is not a money generator, instead it is a vehicle to share knowledge and increase the brand awareness and credibility of that company.

Objective 1: To position the company as a thought leader in their respective industry.

Objective 2: To use the blog as a vehicle to push the brand out to a wider audience.

Objective 3: To share educational, engaging and informative content with visitors so the brand is seen as a place of valuable information.

  • Action: Post weekly articles/ posts relating to the top 5 issues identified in the communication plan
  • Action: Monitor traffic to blog at intervals to determine what articles are the most successful and why.
  • Action: Align the content and images of the blog to the brand, emphasising the key values and messages

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