Who’s in your ultimate pub trivia team?

I love a pub trivia night. The randomness of the questions is the thing I like the best (not to mention the $10 chicken schnitzel); I love how you can be trying to work out which country has the highest amount of shared boarders* one minute, and the next you’re attempting to come up with the Pope’s real name*.

It‘s also so interesting to see what the people in your team actually know. I often find myself saying ‘how do you know that?’ and sometimes, (more to myself), ‘why do you even know that?’

Getting the team right is crucial if you have your eye on that meat tray.

Everyone knows having the team loaded up with only the sport crazed isn’t going to get you the poetry answers, and having your Australian history questions the responsibility of the German backpacker really isn’t going to get you the points.

And yet, isn’t that what most pub trivia teams are made up of?

If you had your choice, who would you have on your ultimate pub trivia team? I’d have my husband for movies, David Attenborough for anything nature related, and my mum for the really hard spelling questions.

But what about the team you have running the company where you work? Are there too many technical people who are expected to have solution-focused selling conversations? Does your managing director love operations? Are the business development team good networkers? Is the sales manager responsible for digital media or your HR manager doing the marketing?

Is your team on its way to winning your ultimate meat tray?

It is easier to shift roles than people, so that is the natural place to start. The first person to work out what role they should play in the team is usually the leader, but so often entrepreneurs or founders find themselves in the top job when in actual fact, they are the best technical, operational, creative or even financial manager.

Getting that right is the first step. When that person moves into the right spot, it frees everyone else up to move around a bit and take on something more appropriate for them – which is better for the whole team.

All team members are equal around the table when the end goal is the team prize over individual glory. We just need to be covering the right roles.



*Jorge Mario Bergoglio

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