Measuring the success of social media

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and the many more tools emerging in this fast moving marketing medium? However, the question actually links to a broader topic – how do we already measure the success of our marketing and PR? For social media is another tool in our marketing and communications tool kit.

How can you measure the success of social media?

To measure any marketing channel it is important to set measurable objectives of what is to be achieved and within what time scale. Social media is just another communication channel to reach your audience that needs to work towards meeting your existing business goals.

Things to do:

  • Prepare individual objectives for each social media channel that your business is using.
  • Set time limits to reach these objectives and when you will analyse results.

Social media can be a useful branding tool to create a ‘tone of voice’ and reposition your business in the right mindset of your audience.

To measure brand awareness

  • Ask new clients/enquiries, ‘where did you hear about us?’ both on incoming leads over the phone, emails, websites, events and list your social media channels individually to see which is working best.
  • Website statistics – Conduct a monthly review of where your website traffic is coming from and measure how many are coming from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.
  1.  Look at the individual posts that are creating the most traffic.

The more obvious benchmarks of measuring success are to watch the growth of fans for Facebook, followers on Twitter and members on LinkedIn. However this type of information may not directly relate to your goals. Measuring the engagement in posts/tweets will give you more real information about the audience activity on your social media pages.

Facebook statistics can be used to see how many people viewed individual posts, liked individual posts, shared individual posts and of course the reach of this is an important result especially against brand awareness.

Specifically for event marketing it is essential to know where ticket sales/registered delegates found your event. This again can be done at the point of purchase by asking ‘where did you hear about us?’.

Your social media needs to be integrated into your promotional campaign at all touch points to ensure your communications plan and are the same messages being pushed through your social media channels.

How can social media benefit my organisation?

Social media can drive ticket sales/delegate numbers which will directly benefit a company’s return on investment.

It can develop a personality, tone of voice for a business by using images, branding, video and links to position your company or event.

It is an open and very immediate tool to be able to communicate with your audience to show current and up to date information about your event.

Will social media take up too much time?

As a fairly new channel it is sometimes difficult to allocate the ‘digital role’ internally. It is important when planning social media strategy to consider who will conduct the content plan, writing, monitoring and management of the channels and how much time they are allocated. Set personal and realistic goals for the people involved using measurement tools.

Remember that this is just another communication tool in your promotional ‘tool box’ and that the basis of social media content should just be another way to communicate.

Time! This is a major barrier to social media management and development. Using a structured plan and measurement for social media content, monitoring and management will reduce the time spent on the medium.

What are the tangible benefits of using social media?

There are many tangible benefits to be had from social media – sales leads and referrals, driving website traffic, brand recognition and awareness, product promotion, brand positioning, customer service, open communication with your customers, offering real-time information on your business to name but a few – it is just a matter of using the measurement tools to create the evidence.

To create a valuable and beneficial social media campaign, invest and integrate this tool in your full business strategy.

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