Is it time to change your spots?

By Zadro


Do you ever get so caught up doing what it is you do best for others, that you forget to give yourself the same amount of TLC?

At Zadro we have been very busy doing what we do best and love for the past seven and a half years – communicating brands, developing creative campaigns, promoting businesses and everything else that integrated strategic communications encompasses. And we’ve decided it’s time to tend to our backyard and perhaps blow our own proverbial trumpet a little.

And let me tell you, our backyard has certainly flourished. Those first seeds, which were planted when Zadro was first launched, have now grown into a fully-fledged garden. We started with one person and a vision, and now have 15 talented individuals who make up our multidisciplinary team delivering great work every day.

While we have continued to work with our clients in partnership to deliver the best for their brands, we thought it’s time to revisit ours, time to use our 95 years of combined experience in seven integrated services – strategic communications, public relations, marketing, design, internal communications, consumer insights, digital and social media – to refresh our brand. It’s time to change our spots. Why? Because we want to be even better at what we do and we make sure everyone knows how we have evolved into an agency that can deliver all your communications needs in a strategic, creative and integrated way.

They say a leopard can’t change its spots; nor can a zebra change its stripes, yet Zadro knows organisational beasts must change to maintain competitiveness and operational effectiveness. Organisational change takes many forms from a restructure to a major takeover or the shift to a new operational system. The ability to manage change, whether minor or major is a required function in any organisation.

So, we’ve taken our own advice and used all the services, strategies and tools that have been so effective and have delivered results for our clients. First we took a good hard look at ourselves – where we came from, how far we’ve come, and where we want to go. Just like we tell our clients, having a communications road map is vital for success. That way you can let the world know what makes you different, unique, what makes you better than the competition.

We also say that looking under the hood of your organisation through the eyes of your customers can be critical to your business success. If you want to build a strong customer retention and acquisition strategy, the starting place is to understand your stakeholders. Zadro creates customer surveys and develops market research projects that provide insight to build the foundation for a customer engagement strategy and sales plans.

So, one of our first steps in our brand refresh was to conduct a client satisfaction survey. And we were pleased to get a net promoter score – the percentage of clients who would recommend our services to others – of 91 out of 100. This survey also helped to paint a clear picture of our strengths and weaknesses, and articulate our six values – results, excellence, transparency, connection, creativity and enthusiasm. And it helped hone in our focus – to be the recognised experts in integrated strategic communications.

Internal communications is another speciality of Zadro’s as we know the culture and conversations we have inside our companies are literally at the heart of what makes our businesses thrive. Organisational culture – or ‘the way things are done’ in your company can be designed, changed and managed to dramatically improve the bottom line.

At Zadro our internal culture is super important and we can only deliver the best for our clients if we have the best talent who adore working together and take pride in their work.

While our internal culture has gone from strength to strength developing steadily along the way, it’s time to really show you our personality – our stripes – which is why we are also launching a new website. Our design team and copywriters have worked on copious websites and now we are proud to unveil our fresh look.

It’s time to shout out what makes us the best at what we do and what sets us apart from the competition. The mark you want to make, the insights you wish to impart, the experience you desire to share and the difference you aim to create are the reasons Zadro exists.

We want to harness your why and take your organisation and brand on a strategic discovery. We want to stand by your side and create the road map to where you want to be. We guarantee the journey will involve hard questions, bumps, peaks, learnings and celebrations, because all great journeys do.

So are you ready to change your spots? Is it time your business gave its brand and business the TLC it really deserves? We’d love to help.

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In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!