Is 2019 the year you ‘Marie Kondo’ your communications?

I’ve been hit by the KonMari Method, the tiding-up craze inspired by the divine Marie Kondo, the successful author and now star of her own Netflix series. She applies the act of mindfulness to the possessions in the home, and teaches people how to keep their house tidy with only things that ‘spark joy’.

Whilst I move around my house, opening cupboards and drawers, I am struck by how much stuff we’ve accumulated in only four years of being in our home. Do we need it? Why do I have it? And why do we spend time housing things we simply don’t like, need or want?

This got me thinking about what Marie Kondo would say about our businesses. If she looked under the hood of your business and asked, what sparked joy for you – what would you say? Your job, team, office, clients or product? And if you had to get rid of the things that weren’t serving you, how much time would that free up to do the important things?

Marie Kondo says, tidying up is freeing the home of the clutter, and living mindfully so we can concentrate on the important things in life such as family, and not the unimportant distractions of life. Now is a good time to ask ourselves, what is the clutter in our business? What just isn’t working but we keep doing over and over again? What are the important things I’m just not getting to?

I’ve worked with a few businesses who were preparing to sell their companies. That important X factor, of good will and reputation is a major factor in the final sale price, yet, it is something that not all businesses look after very well. If you were hit by a crisis, of your doing or not, would you be ready? How would you manage the situation? Our Crisis Communication Planning process gets everyone together in a room to nut out the options. It is an important part of protecting your reputation.

Another aspect to get in order in 2019, is getting the team skilled up with the latest knowledge and approaches to marketing, PR, digital and social and strategic planning. Check out our ZU dates, and book now.

We wish you a prosperous, happy (and tidy) 2019, Felicity Zadro

In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!