High value doesn’t have to mean high prices for niche services

By Elizabeth Williams, Group Account Director, Zadro

Employer Branding is such a booming business these days. There are niche agencies popping up to address the growing demand from companies to boost their perception in the human marketplace, and it reminds me of weddings. Both involve a courting, an engagement, and a long-term commitment. And, both elicit a mental “Ka-Ching” sound from suppliers when you put the word “employer” or “wedding” in front of a product or service.

What’s the difference between a beautifully baked artisan cake and a beautiful wedding cake? It’s not in the taste; it’s the word “wedding” which attracts the huge price tag.

I had this conversation recently:
Me: “Hello, I’d like to book for dinner for 50 friends, with beautiful food and decorations that will leave a lasting impression on my guests”
The restaurant: “No problem, that will be $90 per person”

Two days later the call to the same restaurant:
Me: “Hello, I’d like to book a wedding for 50 friends, with beautiful food and decorations that will leave a lasting impression on my guests”
Restaurant: “No problem, that will be $180 per person”

It’s called wedding tax. Same service. Twice the price. It’s the same with Employer Branding – like wedding tax it attracts a premium.

So why do HR managers still think that there is something so magical about Employer Branding? A good Employer Branding strategist is a good Branding strategist. The same way a good wedding cake is a good cake or a good wedding dress is a good dress, albeit at twice the price.

Now I’m not suggesting that wedding cake, or wedding venue providers don’t have specialised skills, they do. They have a specialised understanding of the wedding audience and their journey.

But these skills don’t equate to a substantial increase in service fees –understanding of the HR industry is the same as understanding the unique and complex industries of your other clients.

And we don’t charge our other clients wedding tax, do we?

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Zadro: Employer Branding experts who practice what they preach

The Zadro team can capture the essence of an organisation or help build one from fledgling foundations, and create a value proposition uniquely for your team. Our own internal culture leads by example, and with a 91 Net Promoter Score we know that happy staff make happy customers and we create the same success stories in clients’ Employee Brands.

With processes customised to work within the Human Resources or Learning and Development framework, Zadro can help with:

• Talent Communication
• Employer Value Proposition
• Employee attract and retention strategy
• Graduate Attraction Strategy (Graduate recruitment)
• Employee Engagement (Staff engagement)
• Industry and Association strategy
• Employer COMM*BAT™ – strategic communications planning

We can help you create a beautiful long-lasting union that will add a significant return on your investment for your business. Contact us to find out more.

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