Engineering a Smarter Sydney – finalists show the way

Media release | Engineers Australia, Sydney Division |

Imagine a safe and energy efficient city without a towering power pole in sight, a city filled with affordable homes that can be constructed and ready to move into within a couple of days – sound too good to be true?

Welcome to the Sydney of the future, an intelligent city engineered by the minds behind award-nominated projects such as the Networked Infrastructure National Architecture (NINA) Access Pathway and TEKTUM SPACE 2.0. Both projects are finalists in the Engineering Excellence Awards, presented by Engineers Australia, Sydney Division.

The NINA Access Pathway and TEKTUM SPACE 2.0 showcase innovative design and ingenuity to address public needs, paving the way for the urban landscape of the future. In doing so, they demonstrate the possibility for Sydney to be a world-class smart city by harnessing potential within the existing environment to provide for the growing population whilst improving quality of life.

The NINA Access Pathway project provides an alternative for utility distribution in cities and urban environments – where more than half of the world’s population lives, replacing the need for power poles by distributing services underground along street curbs.

Guy Dixon, ?Founder and Inventor at NINA says that Sydney’s current focus on investment in the build and maintenance of power poles and wires is detrimental to the city’s evolution.

“This focus creates an ugly and expensive problem for urban environments and is neither environmentally friendly nor energy-efficient.

“Rather than have power lines up poles, water under the road and telecommunications everywhere, the NINA Access Pathways solution, provides the way to install all utility distribution systems into the curb creating a “dig once” solution to infrastructure access needs.”

Another future-proof project that is a finalist in the Engineering Excellence Awards Sydney is TEKTUM Ltd. Designed to provide a fully transportable build
ing solution, the SPACE 2.0 building platform by TEKTUM can be unfolded on a site and assembled within days, creating an immediate housing solution that is energy efficient, sustainable and affordable, whilst providing a real home for occupants.

Nicolas Perren, Joint Managing Director at TEKTUM says this solution not only operates affordably, but also retains the highest quality execution available in modular housing.

“SPACE 2.0 defines the way we will live tomorrow. It is architecturally-customisable and can be mass produced in a way that is sustainable by using renewable, recycled or recyclable materials.”

The Engineering Excellence Awards Sydney will showcase these and other creative solutions to shape Sydney’s future. The brightest, innovative ideas will battle it out to be crowned the winner at the Awards Gala Dinner, 20 September 2013, The Star Event Centre.

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