Big Man’s List Exposé

Media Release: 8 November 2013

Explosive accusations that the Global Inventory Festive Taskforce (GIFT), commonly referred to as the Naughty and Nice List, is not set in stone after being checked twice, but rather decided as late as the Eve of when Mr Claus enters your town, has been confirmed today by North Pole Executives.

An exclusive investigation by Zadro Communications called the speculative rumour into question, establishing that the shifting nature of the list gives people hope that they can make a last ditch effort to restore their GIFT status.

“We noticed that a lot of people were getting greatly concerned that their GIFT status would be on the naughty side of the equation. We wanted to do something to mitigate the growing epidemic of what psychologists are now calling GIFT Status-Anxiety or GIFT Rage.

“We couldn’t just stand by and let this happen; we wanted to do something to help,” said Mr Al Good, Chief GIFT Officer.

The growing epidemic of GIFT Rage in Australia in 2013 has been linked to excessive coffee consumption, a nauseating federal election and Kyle Sandilands not leaving commercial radio after his 2DAYFM resignation!

“These three influential factors together have created the perfect storm. Nowhere else in the world have these factors collided so dramatically impacting our ‘niceness’ factor. It has created a sharp exponential increase in expressions of naughtiness – especially in the corporate world,” said Mr Good, CGO.

To ensure your GIFT status sits firmly on the nice side of the list, there are many things you can do, but an easy way to make the most impact is start with your marketing. Don’t delay, Santa is coming!

Santa’s Checklist:

? Have you prepared your Christmas collateral?

Zadro can write and design lively Christmas collateral including cards, email signature tags, website banners, posters, flyers, animated email cards, social media banners and much more!

? Have you prepared your digital communications for the last 7 weeks of 2013?

Zadro can design, write and build engaging email newsletters and news blasts, giving you more time to cross other things off that ever-expanding to do list!

? Have you scheduled in your social media over the Christmas break?

Just because you take a break, doesn’t mean your marketing tools should. Zadro can write, design and schedule content for social media, across all platforms.

? Have you considered your 2014 strategic plan?

Now is the time to think about the New Year. Book a strategic planning session in for 2014 so you can kick off the year with a comprehensive checklist of actions and strategies required to meet your business objectives.

The Zadro elves can assist with your marketing, communications, public relations, digital and design needs. Do not delay, contact the team now!
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