Strategic Communications

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Through the creation of a carefully crafted strategic communications plan, Zadro will provide a clear road map for your brand – to communicate its beliefs with a target audience and ultimately deliver your business goals. A strategic communications plan can better position your business, articulate its offering and promote its reputation.

For optimum results, a strategic communications plan can be delivered through a fully-integrated approach incorporating Public Relations, marketing, digital and social, design and internal communications – all services Zadro can provide as a package or as required.

What is COMM*BAT?

Does your business need to rally the troops and call in the Special Forces to refresh, develop and implement a concise and personalised communications strategy?

Zadro can conduct a COMM*BAT™ – facilitated brainstorming sessions designed to establish your business’ direction and unique offering. A COMM*BAT™ can lay the foundation for all the communications activities your business can execute, ensuring they’re integrated, leveraged, measurable and successful. Zadro will then provide you with an in-depth 12-month action plan to take your business to the next level.

Let Zadro become your SWOT team to ensure your marketing is quick, dynamic and effective and your strategies are on target.

The benefits of COMM*BAT™:

  • A renewed energy, focus and drive for the direction of the business
  • A 12-month comprehensive communications plan
  • A clear description of your organisational mission, values and culture, and everything that makes you unique
  • Your brand strategy
  • Your marketing strategy
  • Your PR strategy
  • Your social media strategy
  • Your key messages and points of difference
  • A strong direction and work plan for your team

Please note: Every COMM*BAT™ is tailored to the needs of each company. Talk to us about designing a COMM*BAT for you.

See our communications work.

“There are countless ways to listen, to engage with users, to learn and to improve, but before you or your organisation waste time on any of them, first the question must be answered, “do we want to get better?””
Seth Godin

In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!