A tailored & facilitated strategic planning session for your event

To ensure your next event is a success, start with an engaging and inspiring strategic planning process to ensure you have a strong direction and consensus amongst all stakeholders.

Getting your plan sorted at the start will help you achieve optimal results and save you lots of time, money and hassles down the track.

So, where do you start?

Event COMM*BAT is the proven, dynamic, efficient and effective way to ensure your event marketing and communications are clear from the beginning.

Event COMM*BAT includes:

  • A tailored and facilitated strategic planning session for all key players to lay down the road map for the communications goals of the event
  • A detailed marketing plan covering objectives, strategies, actions and timelines
  • Articulated key messages and positioning of the event
  • A communications and content plan to effectively convey your message and increase stakeholder engagement across your social media, PR, advertising and marketing channels

For the best results for your event – call us to book your Event COMM*BAT session today!

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