Branding and Design

Our Design Studio is a creative mix of highly experienced and talented graphic designers and strategists. With over 17 years of collective design experience, 850 weeks of hard work, 34,000 hours of managing deadlines and over 2,040,000 minutes of creative thinking, the team is at the cutting edge; always with their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the latest trends.

Working hand-in-hand with our in-house multidisciplinary team of marketing, strategic communications and public relations professionals allows the Zadro Design Studio to offer you a truly integrated approach to your graphic design projects.

We pride ourselves on the ability to really understand your industry, your brief and your needs – translating this into creative visuals that will deliver your message and drive results.

Let us tell your unique story and make your brand, product or company stand out from the crowd using thoughtful and contemporary design solutions.

There’s no job too great or small for this bunch of passionate creatives.

Our Design services include:

  • Exhibitions & Events

    After eight years of working with leading business events in Australia, Zadro are experts in creating visuals, merchandise and collateral that makes an impact when promoting your brand. We know it’s exciting design that showcases your brand, gets bums on seats and builds awareness for your ongoing success. Our Design Studio can create all your promotional materials online and offline, providing you with a powerful suite of consistent messaging.
    Zadro offers complete services for events from strategy, copywriting, design through to print. We can work with you on your:

    • Brand development – logo, style and website
    • Stand design and artwork
    • Advertising
    • EDMs
    • Pop-up banners and displays
    • Merchandise
    • Sales collateral
    • Digital presentations and more

  • Branding and Identity

    A logo, brand and brand identity are very different things and at Zadro we can help you create, refresh or extend your brand or logo at all stages of the brand development process.
    We believe your brand is your source of promise to your customers and must represent you, your values, your promise and your personality at every customer touch point. This is why when creating a new brand, rebranding, refining your logo or building a brand identity we will take you on a journey - the end result is to make the brand or logo clearly represent your organisation to successfully engage your audience.
    Zadro can offer the full scope of brand development services including:

    • Brand discovery workshops
    • Brand audits and architecture planning
    • Competitive analysis
    • Colour mapping
    • Name and tagline concepting
    • Logo design - create, refresh or extension
    • Brand design - create, refresh or extension
    • Style and brand guidelines

  • Digital Design

    Digital design is everywhere - more and more customers are interacting with your brands via the digital marketplace and increasingly via mobile devices. Creating and integrating your design styles across all your digital channels is essential for a powerful and strong brand in today's marketplace.
    Zadro can utilise their experience and bring your digital design to life through:

    • Website design, mapping and development
    • Email newsletters & EDMs
    • Social media - timeline and post graphic design, photography or videos
    • Banner advertising
    • Interactive PDFs
    • Blogs

  • Video

    Video is one of the fastest growing and most efficient marketing opportunities for your brand or organisation, with the public now consuming video across a multitude of channels. We used to say, 'a picture speaks a thousand words', well Zadro believe a video can do much more in conveying your message and story while connecting with your audience emotionally.
    Think about the opportunity! One video can be promoted across your websites, social media, outdoor advertising, events, meetings and more.
    Have you considered video to launch a new brand, product or survey or even a research piece such as a white paper. Videos are a great way to display a case study, or make a presentation.
    Ask Zadro to talk to you about the best video solution for your need, choose from:

    • Kinetic typography: A form of animated video
    • Flickergrams
    • Videography and Filming

    Click here to see some video examples

  • Advertising & Campaigns

    Booked your advertising but not sure how to be creative with your design? The Zadro Design Studio can create exciting design ideas, concepts and campaigns for your print or digital promotions.

  • Brochures, Collateral and Publications

    Sometimes the best way to sell your offering is through promotional collateral and nowadays these marketing materials can be presented both digitally and in print. Our Design Studio have expertise in producing promotions for both online and offline. On occasion there is still a strong need for printed materials; something you can touch and feel. We have excellent printing connections and can get your jobs produced with the best printing press, competitive rates and on the perfect paper stock or materials for your needs. Below are just some of the printed items the Design Studio can develop for you:

    Sales Collateral
    Whether you’re selling digitally or face-to-face, your sales collateral is sometimes your first opportunity to make an impression. We can produce high quality and powerful sales tools such as presentations, bidding documents, brochures, flyers or videos to make your brand or company shine.

    Proposals are key to bringing in new business, so much consideration needs to be given to how it will be presented. The Zadro Design Studio are no strangers to creating winning proposals.

    Zadro Studio can conceptualise, re-design and produce your journals, magazines or printed newsletters, professionally laying out the content and imagery in a way that will engage your audience.

    Creating a winning tender isn’t just about the detail and the strength of your business, it also relies on presentation. A professionally designed tender document might be that final touch to secure that important piece of business.

    It’s always recommended to have a physical brochure for your customers to take away with them, to touch and feel, and refer to later.

    An important sales and promotional tool for your products or services, the Design Studio can create small or large multi-paged product catalogues, both printed and/or digital, to capture that sale.

    Annual reports
    A requirement that annual reports be produced in print will mean that each year this all-important document will need to be better than the last, giving your employees the information they need in an innovative yet easy-to-absorb manner.

  • Corporate Templates

    Your corporate templates form the foundation of your brand materials and are vitally important to display the professionalism of your business. Having consistency in both your print and digital corporate templates goes a long way to building the foundation of your brand at regular touch points with customers.
    The Zadro Design Studio can design an array of products, including:

    • Business Cards and Letterheads
    • Professional Word and PowerPoint templates
    • Envelopes
    • Compliment Slips
    • Signature Tags
    • Folders and Presenters

  • Merchandise

    Marketers have come a long way from the standard pen and stress ball being branded to give away as merchandise. Our Design Studio can design and brand anything from umbrellas to USBs, but if you're thinking outside the box then we can too - if printers can brand it we can design it!
    Our Design Studio has a network of reputable suppliers offering quality merchandise at an affordable price. Talk to us about your ideas for:

    • Pens, USBs, key rings, umbrellas, mugs and much more
    • Postcards - specially created with your messaging
    • Clothing and hats
    • Point of Sale materials
    • Sampling packaging design
    • Presentation boxes

  • Invitations

    Nothing attracts people to your events more than an innovative invitation, be it print or digital. Does it grab the invitees’ attention? Does it create interest around the event? These are just some of the all-important considerations the Zadro Design Studio take into account when designing the perfect invitation for your next event or exhibition. Check out some examples below.

  • Banners & Signage

    Sometimes nothing points customers to your business more effectively than some great signage. The Zadro Design team can create banners and billboards for your business needs.

    Just the sheer size of a billboard commands attention. Right? Wrong. It’s how it’s designed that really captures people’s attention. The Zadro Design Studio love to create innovative content to get your message across.

Award-winning Graphic Design

With accolades such as the Silver Print Innovation Award for their work for Van Dutch and being featured on Campaign Monitor’s gallery for the former Sydney Convention and Exhibition Centre’s 25th Anniversary invitation, the Design Studio is one of the aspects that really sets Zadro Agency apart – having a design team to work with clients right from concept through to the execution of the ideas rather than outsourcing the work elsewhere.

In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!