Customer Insights

Looking under the hood of your organisation through the eyes of your customers can be critical to your business success. If you want to build a strong customer retention and acquisition strategy, the starting place is to understand your stakeholders. Zadro can create customer surveys and develop market research projects, that provide insight to build the foundation for your customer engagement strategy and sales plans.

A tailored customer survey or market research can be conducted. We ask the right questions to help you understand; what customers think of your business, products and services, why customers use you, if customers are loyal, and to gain honest and true feedback from customers on what you could be doing better.

The Process – Survey to Insight


1. Interviews

Key personnel would be interviewed personally by a Zadro team member to understand what they wish to get out of the analysis and review. These discussions will shape the survey’s content.

2. Client Survey

Using an online system such as Survey Monkey, we will devise a questionnaire that clients will be invited to answer – they can choose to be anonymous if they want to, however this is also a good opportunity to collect customer testimonials. Zadro use the Net Promoter System (NPS).

3. Analysis

The data will be collected and then analysed, considering the initial objectives that were set, and if possible considering any previous survey data that has been completed as a benchmark.

4. The Results

The results will be collated into a detailed report, which will form the basis of your customer retention and acquisition strategy. We will provide key recommendations on your strategy moving forward, and present this to the people in the business at each level required.

5. Strategy

Your customer survey is a key foundation on which to develop a strategy, and can be a driver for both internal change and external communications. We find that understanding your customers is a trigger that will drive your business forward and presents an ideal time to conduct a strategic communications session.

6. Thank you

Zadro can create a thank you EDM with a summary of the findings and business actions that will be delivered to the people who participated in the client survey.

See our customer insights work.

"We were really happy with the member survey that Zadro designed and implemented on behalf of our rebranding project. The results from the survey and the strategy they conducted were really insightful and clarified where and how our brand needs to be positioned. All in all a really positive experience for our business with exciting results that will benefit our members in the future." -- Cristina Karvonidis, Marketing & Communications, Association of Woolworths Employees

In a recent client survey, Zadro achieved a Net Promoter Score of 91!