Did you know that your online reputation is just as powerful as your real life reputation?

If you or your company are fabulous but your online score says average, you could be doing a lot of damage to your brand, sales leads and your ability to be recommended.

The development of your credibility as a company to do business with, work for or even buy from is hugely affected by your online reputation.

What makes up your company’s online reputation? The answer here is anything anyone can find on you or your company online. The best way to search this is to clear your cache and cookies and type your name (ego-surfing) or your company’s name into Google. See what comes up. Check LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to see where you are connected, mentioned and tagged.

If you don’t like what has come up, then you’ll need to go through the process of deleting that information. Where you don’t have access directly, you’ll need to start contacting the relevant groups to ask them to do it.

For personal profiles, tighten your security settings on every social media platform you use. And, don’t forget that whatever you or someone else uploads about you instantly becomes Facebook’s property to aggregate and sell.

The best way to manage your online reputation is to ‘manage the message’ of what is being said about your company. This means designing, writing and loading content that reflects what your company stands for. In addition, make sure you have social media covered in your employee contracts so you can take swift action when an employee doesn’t act in the company’s best interest.

However, what is more important than ever is the need to have a plan to address the design and management of your online reputation. Develop a strategy, nominate people and resources, and get to work. Your next customer could be Googling you right now…

Post Script:

If you are the CEO, Managing Director or hold a senior position in your company your personal online reputation is just as important. In this article on Forbes, read about the 5 new reasons CEOs should maintain a Stellar online reputation.


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