Why do businesses have events? Event objectives uncovered

We use e-newsletters to communicate company messages and social media to build community, but why do companies hold events?

Some events start with a conversation around the theming, décor and entertainment. Whilst these are important, we must begin by articulating the business reason behind the event. We need to identify the measurable goal(s) and gear everything towards achieving it (or them).

If we can identify key event goals, from the beginning, it will help make the required decisions around budget spend, theme, speeches – even food and beverage choices.
Instead of asking what type of event you should have, ask yourself, who you want to communicate with and what do you want to say?

Consider the following event objective examples as inspiration to write your own:

  • For a sister market to take us seriously as a supplier of XXXX
  • To increase our market share by ##% in this financial year
  • To extend our client base; we’ve been working with the same people for a long time
  • To protect the company by fostering loyalty of our clients in the face of a new competitor
  • To educate our clients and media that we have the capability to do what we say
  • To remind our members we are the best place to go for information and networking
  • To showcase the versatility of our venue for creative clients

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