Trade Show Marketing

Why exhibit at tradeshows?
Being involved in tradeshows goes to the heart of everything we instinctively know that works in business:

  1. Building relationships
  2. Doing business with people you know and like
  3. Having a drink with colleagues
  4. Encouraging referrals (word of mouth)
  5. Demonstrating your product
  6. Meeting and connecting with industry
  7. Building brand awareness
  8. Informing your markets
  9. Providing demonstrations

A tradeshow crowd is a qualified audience who care about the products, services, or industry on offer. It’s the chance to launch, tell a story, brand align through sponsorship, learn about who’s who and even get gossip.

What to do to prepare?
The two or three days of a tradeshow should be treated like a campaign; you should build a campaign around your tradeshow presence.

What mistakes do people make?

  1. Arriving unprepared
  2. Undefined key messages
  3. Not educating staff on the event and its purpose
  4. Skimming on the stand
  5. Not getting involved in pre-marketing/PR
  6. Not following up with prospects

What are some important tips?

  1. Have three things to say
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Have things/reasons follow up
  4. Attend the socials
  5. Have a follow-up strategy in place


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