Tips for getting your writing style right

Writing content for your website requires a different style to writing for print. People read differently on screen and research has shown that their attention span is shorter (i.e. avoid long copy pages).

Here are our top tips for textbook web content:

  • Make sentences and paragraphs short
  • White space is your friend. It makes reading on screen easier
  • Nothing is harder to read than a solid block of copy
  • Use the simplest possible word and sentence structure
  • Read it out loud and make sure you don’t get stuck on complex construction
  • If you trip on a word in the midst of reading a sentence aloud, re-write the sentence
  • Use bullet points and sub-headings whenever you can

Media release tips:

When you’re posting press releases at your website, the best place to put them is in a section of your site called your Media Centre.

Ideally, the Media Centre button will be on your home page so that journalists, one of your key audiences, can find it immediately.

Nine out of 10 organisations that archive their press releases separate them according to the year in which they were written. The problem with that, however, is that a journalist searching for a press release on a certain product you sell probably wouldn’t know where to start looking.

Best practice is to include the list of releases in two separate formats:

  1. Categorised by year of release
  2. Categorised by product/topic area

To make it even easier for anyone to find what they’re looking for, make sure there is a search function at your website.

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