Intern Blog: What I learned at the Hotel Career Expo

Article and imagery by Cassie Agoston, Zadro Communications Intern

I was extremely lucky to be offered an internship at Zadro. It is an incredibly dynamic place, a very positive environment to work in and I am gaining invaluable knowledge and insight into the communications industry.

I am currently doing my 2nd year of Bachelor of Communications (Public Communications) at UTS, majoring in advertising. I am enjoying learning about the communications industry and its vast influence on society.

As part of my internship, on Monday 17 May I accompanied Laura Valentine, Zadro Account Manager, to the Hotel Career Expo at the InterContinental Sydney. I surveyed the room and visited various stalls, including the Hilton and the Crown Hotels. I was curious to learn more about marketing roles within these hotels, their successful campaigns as well as their recruitment processes. In order to do this, I had prepared relevant questions pertaining to these topics, which were directed towards the professionals manning the stalls. Many of these professionals were specialists in human resources, so unable to answer specific questions regarding their marketing practices however gave great insight into their recruitment processes for marketing roles. This was also a perfect opportunity to collect a number of pamphlets from various hotel chains to further explore online career portals.

During discussion with one of the Hilton professionals, I learnt about their current campaign, ‘Stop Clicking Around’. This campaign encourages consumers to book rooms at cheaper rates than their competitors, such as Trivago or Hotels Combined. It was interesting to learn how prominent and well-regarded hotel chains, such as the Hilton, entice customers to stay at their hotel and how much price influences this.

I also discovered that all the hotel chains I visited during this Expo utilised a similar HR recruitment process:

  • Online applications
  • Managers review CVs
  • Offer of an interview (reference checks included)
  • Offer of employment.

During this Expo I was able to gain an insight into the importance of online media within the hospitality industry. All major hotel chains rely heavily on online media to not only encourage consumers to visit their hotel but to attract a good calibre of prospective employees.

In regard to prospective employees, all professionals stressed the importance of standing out through confidence, willingness to learn and presentation. It is also imperative for future employees to immerse themselves and have an understanding of the hotel’s culture and values in order to become a successful applicant.

Overall, I found my experience at the Hotel Career Expo hosted by Tourism Accommodation Australia to be enriching and invaluable. It opened my eyes to the plethora of industries that rely on marketing for their success and the different ways in which this can be achieved. I am really looking forward to one day being an active and valuable member of the communications industry.


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