How to Integrate Social Media into your Public Relations Campaigns?

Social media is now a marketing tool that no industry can afford to ignore. Integrating this into public relations campaign is imperative way to reach a wider audience.

Do you already have a PR message, announcement, strategy or plan? Share it through your social media channels!

Existing Coverage
Use existing media coverage to your advantage and executive this through social media to gain additional exposure and coverage.

Media Centre
To make it easier for your social media viewers, create a ‘media centre’ section on your website. Add Media releases in Word and PDF documents, an image and all media coverage including print, broadcast and online links.

Why? It’s simply quick and easy for the editors to get the information. Also it assists with your search engine optimisation (SEO), gives you the opportunity to showcase your message from social media and link to YOUR website.


Follow relevant media account! By engaging with your media through Twitter they may have already heard about your business and more likely to notice your release and cover it. If they follow you then they may even request a release from you!

Make sure you have an integrated strategy for your social media messaging. Tweets (140 characters) are the key messages, but ensure you release it on the same day you send out your media release. Always try and include some pre-prepared #hash tags, a link to your website or
@mention any external spokesperson/company that the message is about. For e.g. Announcing that @Celebrity will be appearing at the #event on xyz date.


Before you start, create a company page which can be used to post your PR campaign messages and set up a discussion GROUP that is on topic to your campaign to encourage interaction. Post your campaign messages on your company page including images and links.


Once you have a Facebook business account ‘Like’ your media business pages on Facebook so you are able @mention them if you make a post and link to coverage.

Facebook is the chosen method to display the photography for your campaign and can be very powerfully visually. Upload pictures from any photo-shoots, or an event or launch.

If you receive broadcast coverage; source the video or sound file and upload this to your Facebook page, this will be visible on the media’s Facebook wall and additional exposure to their audience.

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