Wrapping up Social Media Marketing World 2013 – What you need to know from the most influential online stakeholders

An incredibly important event came to a conclusion recently in San Diego, which you may not know about just yet. Social Media Marketing World brought 1100 digital and social stakeholders and influencers together to carve out the future of the online world. You may have heard of some of the guests, including Mari Smith and Michael Stelzner – both of whom are great influencers who post rich and interesting content on their website, blogs and social media platforms which we highly recommend you read over a coffee and croissant on a Sunday morning.

Here we sum up a few of the key elements – crucial for business owners to know:

a) With the impact of social media, marketing has changed forever

Marketing strategies cannot ignore the influence of digital and social platforms. Marketing plans designed a few years ago do not address one of the most comprehensive marketing tools available – social media.

Not only do your marketing plans need to address the influence of social media but they need to consider changes to content, to suit it to these online forums. A content strategy to direct all marketing activities will allow you to communicate more effectively with your audience, both online and offline.

b) There is now a ‘connection currency’

Yes, you heard right. Say goodbye to dollars and cents, it is now all about likes and follows. Essentially you have to give, to get it back. Networking with a social audience to build up your brand and profile will give back to you in the form of an engaged audience who cares what you have to say. For example, show interest in your potential followers by commenting, sharing and liking their posts.

Remember the most respected thought leaders online have a broad audience, yet they started with nothing – they simply cared about what other people were doing.

c) Find your ‘one thing’ and sprinkle in some personality

Building a community is crucial on social media. Combine your internal culture, vision and customer experience to figure out your ‘one thing’ or unique feature and then use this for the basis of your online personality.

An online identity is face-less, but this doesn’t mean you have to be as bland as a beetroot.

d) You do get an ROI from an online investment

Traditional ROI calculations overlook many of the benefits of relationship building on social media, so change how you measure benefits and ROI instead of abandoning social media platforms.

Meaningful content, targeted connections and authentic helpfulness will make you succeed. Measure the success of interaction on Twitter and Facebook through relationships and business opportunities.

Want to find out more about Social Media Marketing World 2013, here are three great summaries:

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