What is Digital Marketing?

Where once digital marketing was considered a mysterious art practised only by a select enlightened few, it is now safe to say that the digital realm has become a commonplace marketing channel. The tricky part is to define it – a concept that is so overarching, encompassing, and even confusing, that it can be near impossible to pinpoint.

To be as succinct as possible, digital marketing can be defined as the process of utilising online and electronic channels and networks for the progression and promotion of your brand/business.

Examples of digital marketing in action include:

  • Sending text messages to VIP customers or clients to alert them of new products or events
  • Weekly or fortnightly email newsletters with stories, updates on the business, and special offers
  • Regularly updating content on a business website, essentially using the website as a key sales tool
  • Online banner advertisements on websites where your clients or consumers would visit

The digital tools we use include websites, search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), social media, digital publishing, email (EDMs and e-newsletters), digital advertising, apps and videos.

The Clear-cut Advantages

It is a heightened method of direct marketing with the advantage of speaking to the customer on a personal level, spurring them into action.

For a truly successful digital campaign, messaging needs to add value to the customer’s day. If they aren’t getting anything out of your relationship, neither will you. These customers are interested in hearing from your business because you are delivering messages that provide some benefit to them and digital marketing is the perfect means to do so.

Another advantage to digital marketing is that the results of your campaign are easy to determine. There are many measurement tools that can accurately and simply gauge the success of your communications and provide channels through which to market directly. Personalising emails with the addressee’s name is one simple example that takes little effort on your part but will give your messaging credibility when received on the other end.

Measurable Results

Once you have commenced a digital campaign, the results of it can be measured quantitatively with details on who is receiving the message, where and when, and how the recipient responded to it. Measurable results are a vitally important aspect of your brand’s strategic objectives and digital marketing is the most simple and efficient way of determining the success of these goals.

Out with the Old

It is only within the last decade that the digital age has really stepped into its prime. Now, marketing methods have evolved alongside the technological revolution. Everything is enhanced, everything is mobile. Your brand has the ability to reach your customer on a scale never witnessed before. Digital campaigns, such as those listed earlier, complement each other as targeted communications methods. Quite simply, digital marketing is an incredibly effective way to reach a mass audience at an intimate level.

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