Top 3 tips for effective email marketing

Your company’s database of current and prospective clients, suppliers and industry contacts is THE most valuable asset your business has, but how do you keep this audience engaged with your email newsletters?

  1. A clearly branded template – Email marketing serves as a tool to build brand awareness so ensure your company logo, company colours and style is in line with your other forms of marketing collateral (consistency is key!). Ensure your template works across all browsers and can be seen clearly on mobile devices, after all 84% of Australians use mobile devices. Not all html email systems were created equally.
  2. Add value to someone’s day – Make sure the content is not just about you, but provides something valuable for the reader. Ask yourself, ‘is this adding value to their day?’  Include something useful for your readers, like tips or instructions on how to improve an element of their business, or even a little bit of humour to brighten their day. Adding value will increase reader engagement and assist in building a positive awareness of your company.
  3. A call to action – This in essence is the intended result of your email newsletter. How do you want to direct the reader in order for their engagement to be of use to you? Every point of contact should have an objective whether it is making contact for a required service, viewing your website, or just finding out more with a ‘read more’ link. Measuring the ‘click through’ rates will help your company effectively what your audience likes, and is engaged by.

Could your email marketing be more effective? Zadro Communications can assist with template design, appealing content and ongoing management to ensure you never miss the chance to engage your audience and generate continued awareness of your company.

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