Social media vs search engines

The Public Relations Institute of Australia’s (PRIA) recent podcast ‘Social Media Campaigns’ by Gerry McCusker, founder of, discussed the value of social media vs search engine reputation, “findability” and social media newsrooms. Here are our take-outs:

  1. ‘Search’ is more important than any one social media platform.

When you want to find out more about a new brand you have heard about what action do you take, do you A. Google it or B. Facebook it?

If you answered A, you are with the majority. We have all relied on the world’s largest search engine, Google, to answer our questions for us and with varied social media sites spreading attention thin, Google is the centralised brand-definer demanding attention.

  1. Use more video!

Social Media is still vital to the integrated marketing communications strategy, however being smart about where you direct your attention will lead to long-term benefits. By using search engine-friendly social media sites, such as YouTube, Flickr, Blogs, Slideshare and Google +, and by weaving keywords into your posts, your social media efforts will centralise your online brand reputation and marketing efforts.

  1. Create a social media newsroom:

A social media newsroom is a centralised hub on your website that aggregates all of your news – be that from social media, press releases from your company and/or news from the wider industry. This essentially becomes your own mini-broadcast unit on your website presenting clear, unified and integrated communications and a great way to optimise your organisation’s findability.

You can check out an example here

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