Long Live Print!

By Lisa McKenzie, Graphic Designer, Zadro

Print is not dead. While we’ve seen a lot of advertising move online, the benefits of a tangible, printed piece of collateral remain. If anything, the prevalence of digital media has given printed ‘relics’ new life as it allows your message to standout against the backdrop of an online world.

Here are five more reasons print isn’t dead, but will stand the test of time:

1. Durability

Print is long lasting. A nice business card, fancy brochure, book or magazine might stay in a home or office for years, and all the while your branded content or advertisement is reaching new people.

This point also reinforces the importance of quality design within the print realm. A badly designed ad can haunt you for a long time to come, whereas you’ll continue to reap the rewards of a great one long after it’s gone to print.

One hour of online reading produces 226 grams of C02. A 700 page document burnt to CD creates 300 grams, whereas it takes only 85 grams to print, and can be read repeatedly. Paper is a key natural resource that captures atmospheric C02.

 2. Credibility 

A company willing to make the commitment to invest in a strong logo and brand, matching corporate collateral – business cards, stationery and other marketing items – has shown a commitment to their brand and to their business. This tells you that they have confidence in their company and lends credibility to the brand.

3. Sensory

A huge advantage when promoting your brand is the ability to harness the senses via print. The Harvard Business Review says, “Consumers use their hands to connect with brands.”

That’s why retail stores focus on getting a customer to “hold” or “touch” an item to encourage them to purchase. If you are selling a service, a business card or an impressive flyer is a brilliant touch point for your client. Print has the advantage that your brand can physically interact with a consumer through touch.

According to Media Head, “Four out of 5 customers say they read, or at least scan, the direct mail marketing materials they receive and act on them right away.”

4. Interactivity

A brochure that opens or folds in an interesting way can get a customer interacting with your brand and will increase the likelihood that they’ll hold onto it. This interactive feature can be used cleverly to link with your brand for serious impact! For example…

Roy Morgan Research has found print media majorly outperforms other media in buying decisions, is the key mode influencing consumers’ opinion leaders and prompts 70 percent of online searches. Print is significantly better recalled, understood, engaged with and trusted.


Example – Crane bar printed material engages a consumer by inviting them to create a paper crane
See the case study

5. Technology

Printed items have the ability to tell a story about your brand using specific techniques, and with technology as advanced as it is, this is now more affordable than ever. For example, a growth hacking company could use laser printers that are so advanced they can cut into seeds to create a message.What were once very expensive printing options, like spot UV or foiling, are now available at a reduced cost. Spot UV, for instance, is now well in reach of many businesses’ budget, and there are great new options like metallic inks to give businesses a real stand out look.

Humans live for something “new” and innovative printed design plays into that need.

Example – Innovat.Edge business cards, printed their branding pattern in a spot UV on business cards
See the case study

6. Personalisation

With more and more marketers turning to online platforms, print can be a great way to add a personal touch, whilst standing out from the crowd. Receiving a beautifully printed invitation in the mail will make a much greater impact on the receiver than a message or email.

Print is now a luxury item rather than the norm. Gone are the days of a cheap black and white flyer. Print is moving to become more interactive, tactile and intriguing, and with less competition, it is a fantastic way to stand out from your competition.



Example -Van Dutch invitations used a laser cut print to create unique invitations
See the case study

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