It’s time to rethink your team event this party season!

It’s time to pass up on the traditional Christmas party and consider something different to motivate and engage your team this year. Think about what type of team activities you could put on from social events, activity based, charity work and even problem solving events.

Here are three different types of team activities – all with different purposes!

1. Social based
Socially focused activities allows you to both bond and build your team, strengthening personal relationships, and giving staff a chance to ‘relax’. Perfect for end of year celebrations!

Some ideas include: Fun Days – BBQs at the park, ten pin bowling, a visit to an art gallery/museum, karaoke, barefoot bowls or even wine tasting!

2. Activity-based
Activity based events require teams to work together to achieve success in a challenging task, designed to improve group-problem solving, trust, risk-taking, and innovation. The idea is that once a team learns to work effectively together outside of work, their new skills will transfer back to the workplace. Some fun ideas include: community/charity work, cooking classes or even your own spin off of the Amazing Race.

3. Problem solving-based
Problem solving-based activities requires employees to work together as a team to solve a specific problem, whether it be a real workplace or business problem, or a unique problem that allows them to develop their problem-solving skills. There a range of activities that including: group brain teasers, murder mysteries, treasure hunts, or even a team Master Chef Challenge!

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