Content is STILL King

Did you know you are living in the content economy? This means that information, linking to information and having access to information is highly valuable to your audience, to Google and to your business.

If you are good at what you do, and you want those in your community to be successful, you could position yourself as the expert by sharing your knowledge. The key to success is to give your ideas and information freely, without any strings attached.

The most important component to any content strategy is the consistency of message. Choose an area that you wish to be the expert on and stay on track. Make sure you say the same things to staff, customers and the marketplace so that your organisation is seen to be thinking clearly and acting resolutely in what can often be a confusing environment.

Take advantage of inexpensive opportunities such as contributing articles to industry publications, LinkedIn Groups, Twitter feeds, blogs and even websites. Articles showcase your expertise to a highly targeted audience of your prospective clients. Consider other channels such as email, direct mail, newsletters and your website. Providing valuable and relevant information will always ensure you have good open rates.

You can also go the extra mile and develop whitepapers or how-to guides that will encourage talk-ability.

A regular presence in the marketplace – and ongoing reminders of support for your customers and business partners – will position you as a constant in what can be a difficult and changing environment, building trust in your brand and relationships for your business.

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