Why We Decided to Tell People Everything That We Know

By Zadro Founder and Managing Director, Felicity Zadro

This month, we at ZADRO launched ZU – Zadro University. Currently comprising of four one-day training courses for people wanting to know about integrated communications – how to manage, design and deliver.

Someone said to me, why would you teach people to do what you do? Isn’t that counter business intuitive? Doesn’t that make the offering of your company less valuable?

It is such a good question. Why would we – after almost 11 years of toiling away – simply package it up and give it to others for the mere cost of venue and food?

Isn’t what we have learnt over so many years the gold that we sell? In professional services, we don’t have stock to sell. Our product is intangible; it is our team’s time, energy, experience, skills and knowledge. If a client doesn’t pay, we can’t go and reclaim the stock – it is gone. If someone uses our ideas to present in a pitch – poof! It disappears into thin air.

So why spend months writing it all down in easily digestible chunks, only to share it with others?

What it boils down to – frustration! Yes, frustration.

The idea didn’t come from sitting on a beach overlooking the sunrise. It came from (figuratively) banging my head on my office wall, as clients weren’t getting the results they needed because they weren’t seeing all their channels at the same time. Or when they refused to spend time on developing strategy, instead believing that getting ‘to the press now’ without key messages or KPIs was the way to go. And internally, recruiting smart, educated professionals who were channel specific, and hadn’t been taught, encouraged or mentored to think laterally.

After years of frustration and time-consuming work, I thought, “THERE HAS TO BE ANOTHER WAY”.

And there wasn’t, so we made one. Simple as that.

ZU won’t be the answer to everything. However, if we can inspire more people to think and work in a multi-channel, strategic, message-led, audience-centric way – everyone’s work will be better, the outcomes greater and the value of what we can achieve every day will be better understood and valued.

And I won’t have to hit my head anymore.

Join us on the adventure:

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