What YOU Need to Know About Google+

Launched in June 2011, Google+ is a social media outlet run by Google. You can share content with your ‘Circles’, be involved in discussions, post photos, and take part in video conference calls (called Hangouts). Google+ then introduced ‘Pages’, giving another opportunity for businesses, products and brands to have an online presence.

Google+ Circles
Helps you organise everyone according to your real-life social connections i.e. ‘business contacts’, ’family’ or ‘friends’. Segmenting contacts makes sharing your products, services or news with the right ‘circles’ hassle free.

This feature distinguishes Google+ from all other social media tools. Hangouts are a one-click video conversation that lets you bring up to 9 people into a video chat.

5 Simple Steps for your Google+ Page

1. Allocate an accessible Gmail and set up an account
Google+ Pages’ administrative abilities currently aren’t as sophisticated as other social media mediums which enable you to assign multiple page admins. Choose a host account that makes your page as accessible to multiple people.

2. Create your page
Visit and pick from the following categories; Local Business or Place, Product or Brand, Company, Institution or Organization, Arts, Entertainment or Sports, or Other. Then follow the instructions and fill in your basic information.

3. Customise your profile
Create a tagline – think of something catchy and in line with your business. Choose a profile image; we recommend your company logo.

Note: Google has not introduced a vanity URL yet, so your Google+ page URL will be of the form, which is hard to remember. One alternative is to use a URL shortener (such as to create a personalised short URL for your Gplus page. Or go to and create your own personalised business URL. For example will take you to the Zadro Communications Google+ page!

4. Go Public
Let everyone know about your page via your website, newsletters or even other social media channels. We recommend that you add content before sharing as no one wants to view a blank page!

5. And then…
Consistently share interesting content, be engaging and respond to your fans or circles to encourage brand awareness. Measuring your strategy using some simple website insights and adjusting based on your findings can boost your online presence even more!

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