8 tips for social media success

By Sarah Alvarez

Once you know why social media matters for a strategic integrated communications plan, the next step in establishing and maintaining a social media strategy is understanding social media best practice.

  1. Be timely. If there is industry news be one of the first sources people can get the information from. Do you know what is happening in the world or which pop culture fads are currently making the rounds? Generally you want to be relatable and show that you’re connected to the world of your fans and followers.
  2. Ask what’s in it for them? Put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Ask yourself not just what is in it for your brand, but what is in it for your fans and followers. Why should they listen to you? On social media stakeholders are seeking to be part of a community and engage in a meaningful way with the brand they endorse.
  3. Don’t over advertise. The platform generally determines the type of content you share, but irrespective of platform stakeholders are likely to disengage if more than half of your social media content is advertising. People are time poor and sophisticated consumers, so your posts need to be worth their attention and not overtly self-promotional.
  4. Be transparent and authentic. This is especially important in times of crisis. Share success stories, make your brand relatable to your stakeholders, they need to find a connection point and this is hard when a social media presence seems shallow, robotic or fake.
  5. Become an expert. You need to build trust with your social media communities; one of the best ways to do this is to provide information that adds value to their lives and shows them that your brand is the authority in their field.
  6. Use links and multimedia. Make it easy for people to find and share the information. Use embedded links to drive traffic back to your site, just make sure that it links to a specific page on your site not the homepage.
  7. Share appropriate content. If you share content from partners you may find they return the favour and share your posts with their fans and followers. Sometimes content can be as simple as a humorous image.
  8. Be responsive. Participate in conversations; respond in a timely manner to posts or tweets to show your stakeholders you care.

The truth is there is no one-size-fits-all approach, what works on one platform won’t work on another. It takes time, effort and planning to yield results and build social media communities. If you need help with your strategic communications contact us at Zadro Agency. We love helping businesses tell their stories in engaging and effective ways.



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